Figma Variables: Hex Colors to Aliases Automatically

Automate the process of creating aliases from one Collection to another. Batch convert hex codes to aliases with this script.

What is this

This is useful when converting your Styles to Variables, and wanting to create a hierarchy across collections by using Aliases (references) from one Collection to another.

This will simply match hex values from one collection to another and create an alias if there's a match, so you can have a Collection of Primitives that other Collections reference.

How to use

The plugin is not yet published on so the installation process is a little more involved right now.

1. Download or clone the contents of the GitHub repo to a location that is not your downloads folder (if you delete these files after installing through the Development menu, it will break the plugin)

2. Right-click the canvas Plugins > Development > Import plugin from manifest…

3. Navigate to the file /path/to/plugin/manifest.json

4. This panel will close and the plugin will now be available by going to the Development section in your plugins.

Got a project in mind?

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