Mathieu Legault is a self driven graphic designer and photographer from Canada. Currently studying at the University of Waterloo in Global Business and Digital Arts, Mat shows great skills in various fields.

His work often revolves around doing any kind of digital artwork; 3D art and animations, professional and recreational video editing, website design & development, logos, posters and much more.

Mat was also awarded the Gold medal in Web Design and Development this year (and Silver last year) at a highly competitive competition, known as Skills Ontario. He has moved to the national competition, Skills Canada, where he won the bronze medal in his field. He has gained experience working for clients such as one of his university professors (http://janetingley.com), where he designed and developed her website.

Furthermore, Mat helped many individuals grow their YouTube subscriber base by; designing new Logos and/or artwork for them to showcase, conducting photo shoots to present product on a professional scale and much more. Feel free to please your eyes in the portfolio section of the website.

For any inquiries or business matters, you’re welcome to contact me through the contact form and I will gladly help you.

Thank you.