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  • Camp Fortune Mountain Biking

    With the great weather we are having there is no reason not to be on your bike! This is an edit from camp fortune that we did in the last few weeks of summer. We shot using four different cameras, a Nikon, a Sony, a GoPro and a Mavic Pro, as well as a completely…

  • July

    The month of July has been action packed: a trip to San Francisco followed by two consecutive camping trips with friends! Follow along on our adventures! SaveSave

  • San Francisco

    Took a flight to San Francisco over the weekend to visit my brother and explore the city. We went to the beach where we watched whales jump out of the water as the sun was setting right behind them. Rented some go-cars, visited the Believe It Or Not Museum, and toured the city in a…

  • The Land Of Fire And Ice

    This short film was shot in Iceland during the summer of 2016. Follow our adventures of my friend, my brother and I as we explore the island with our cameras. Iceland is truly an incredible place for photography and hiking. There are no words to describe the breathtaking views and astounding beauty of the country.…

  • Minecraft Castle Render mathieu legault cinema 4d the chunk reinhart

    How To Make Beautiful Minecraft Renders In Cinema 4D

    Are you a proud Minecraft server owner? Do you have dozens of amazing builds in your world that deserve nice renders? There are many ways to create beautiful photorealistic Minecraft renders in a short amount of time. Let me show you how I do it! A step-by-step tutorial The following tutorial is a demonstration of…

  • Web Design & Development Competition

    Won Gold in Ontario, Bronze in Canada This year, I won the Gold medal in Website Development in my province (Ontario Technological Skills Competition), which led me to the national competition (Skills Canada) last week. I was sent in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and after two days of designing and programming without any resources or libraries, I found myself…

  • Organisme d’individualisation

    A short video my friend and I made for his psychology class about the lack of different personalities. It is to emphasize the importance of individualism and to press others to accept the differences of others. The narration is in french as it was made for a french public.

  • Affiche Tes Couleurs 2014

    Soumission pour le concours Affiche Tes Couleurs, par l’Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario et ses partenaires. But: l’école doit soumettre une vidéo de 2 à 3 minutes témoignant d’une activité organisée dans le cadre du 25 septembre et/ou d’activités de promotion de la francophonie ayant eu lieu dans l’école entre avril et septembre 2014.

  • Silver Medal At Skills Ontario

    The 25th Annual Ontario Technological Skills Competition: The Largest Skilled Trades Competition in Canada 1,900+ Competitors 30,000+ Spectators 60+ skilled trade contest areas Over 370,000 square feet Elementary, Secondary and Post-Secondary Students

  • Powerpoint Designs