Silver Medal At Skills Ontario

The 25th Annual Ontario Technological Skills Competition: The Largest Skilled Trades Competition in Canada

1,900+ Competitors
30,000+ Spectators
60+ skilled trade contest areas
Over 370,000 square feet
Elementary, Secondary and Post-Secondary Students

Purpose Of The Contest

To provide competitors with the opportunity to demonstrate, through practical and theoretical application, their skills in client and server-side Web development and Web design.

The Web Site Development contest will challenge the competitors to design a web site based on client needs that will be presented to them once they arrive at the contest. Navigation, content, structure, design, and the presentation of this newly designed web site to a “client” will be the focus for this contest. Competitors will be required to complete a job interview incorporated into the contest. General and technical questions will be asked during the interview.

Below you can see a screenshot of my site’s front page, which won 2nd place.


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