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  • 3D Print Resin Octane Material for Cinema 4D

    Download this Cinema 4D Octane material here. This is not an official document from Formlabs and was created for learning purposes. As part of my job at Formlabs as a UI/UX Designer, I often use Cinema 4D as a prototyping tool for rendering image placeholders. It allows me to quickly generate different content, compositions, and…

  • MRX22 Recon Flyer

    I’ve been working on a 3d spaceship/drone for a school project for the last few days. It’s still a work in progress but I thought I’d share a few renders of what I have so far.

  • Rain of Bullets

    Description : Free Cinema 4d bullet rain. This project does not require any third party plugins and is fully editable for your specific needs. Bullets come out of an emitter so it’s easy to modify their speed, gravity and the amount. GI is not required for fast render time and no textures are used. Download :…

  • portal 2 companion cube cinema 4d 3d render mathieu legault

    Companion Cube

    Description : The Weighted Companion Cube (often referred to as the Companion Cube) is a recurring object in the Portal universe. It appears almost identical to the Weighted Storage Cube but with a pink heart replacing the Aperture Science logo. I made this model a couple of years ago. Feel free to download and use it for personal uses. Download :