formlabs resin cartridge print cinema 4d render

Creating a 3D Print Material in Cinema 4D

3D prints from 3D printers such as the Formlabs’ Form 2 have interesting properties which I tried to recreate in Cinema 4D as a material study. I analyzed real prints to recreate the plastic look, subsurface scattering affecting thinner parts, horizontal layer lines from the printing, and the very subtle rounded edges with slight imperfections.

These renders, images, materials and all other assets are made for educational purposes only as part of my material study and are not made for Formlabs or used for commercial purposes.

Render of a mermaid and filigree rings
Pave ring printed on the Form 2 at a resolution of 50 microns. Credits to Original picture on the left. Render on the right.
Render of a Pave ring
Render of a filigree ring
Render of a filigree ring
Final Castable-Wax-like material
Render of resin cartridges
Render of resin cartridges

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